Viv Grannell's design based on 2017's Sonic Mania will be released as an official LEGO product. The design was submitted and approved via LEGO Ideas
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LEGO Ideas have announced a Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone set is coming. LEGO Ideas is a platform that allows fans to submit their own creations. They then earn a portion of the profits should it become a reality. The idea was submitted by 24-year-old Viv Grannell.

Sonic Mania

Grannell’s design is inspired by 2017’s Sonic Mania and features the iconic loops as well as a giant mecha Dr Eggman. Once the design was proposed, it managed to achieve 10,000 votes and was validated for release. LEGO will now begin to develop the set, in partnership with SEGA. Once finalised, the product will roll out worldwide.

“ I have been interested in the world of Sonic since I was almost born, and it fits the LEGO system so well that I spent almost a year garnering support. enough for all of this to happen. 10,000 people validating my idea is already impressive even with the help of my friends and family, but seeing it selected for production is the most exciting secret I have ever had to keep! 

Viv Grannell

I love Sonic, and LEGO. And of course, I love this! Very much looking forward to when I can get my hands on this! Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be grabbing yourself one!

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