We here at Games Bulletin are making some small changes to the way we report on video games on both our site, and our social media.
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A lot has been happening behind the scenes on Games Bulletin recently. We’ve gone from rarely posting, to posting over 20 news stories a week between our site and social medias! We’ve gained a new writer (Tom) and an old writer has rejoined us (Jared)! We’ve started posting to our social media, as well as engaging in reviews again. Youtube videos have somewhat returned and our podcast is back up and running (as much as life allows)

All of this is very exciting for me personally, and has reignited my love of reporting on video games. These past few weeks I have been trying new strategies to improve on the way in which we deliver our content to you the readers. Some have been successful, while some not so much. But they have taught me some valuable things, and allowed me to make changes that will hopefully improve your experience on our site. Two small differences that will hopefully make your time on our site better, as well as ways in which you can help Games Bulletin!

Push Notifications

The first improvement, and the one I’m honestly most proud of, are push notifications. When you visit our site for the first time, you may see the below image. Clicking allow will mean that you are notified any time we upload a new post; be it news, article, whatever. On your phone (as many of you are phone visitors) this will appear as a notification in the notification bar. If you decline push notifications, you can click the red bell in the lower corner, and it will instruct you on how to activate notifications. Don’t want notifications? That’s fine, you can follow us on social media and our articles will appear on your time line; Facebook or Twitter.

Games Bulletin

Social Media Posts

Over the past few weeks we have been uploading articles to social media. Some of these have been stories that may be too short for a full news article, or may be ones that we thought people might not read as an article. These have been received rather well, however I have noticed that Twitter crops these images in such as way that the image cannot be fully seen without clicking. As of today, these posts will not be going to Twitter. Articles from the site will still be posted there, and it is a good way to engage with us, but these photos will be solely on Facebook and Instagram.

Video Content (Youtube, Streams & Podcast)

I am looking to getting back into creating videos, and maybe even a return to streaming. As of right now, I have no set schedule in place. The Bulletin Broadcast (our podcast) is set to release every Saturday, 12pm (according to UK time). A video with a waveform will be up on Youtube, and an audio version is available on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you listen to podcasts! I’m going to work out a schedule for video content, but the plan is to have video reviews of every written review we publish on the Youtube channel. We have also revived Retro-Spective, our series run by Dan which takes retro games and holds them to review without the nostalgia.

Our last Retro-Spective was on the original Paper Mario!

How Can I Support Games Bulletin?

You may be a fan of our content, and wish to support us in our effort to give gamers straight to the point no BS video game news. There are multiple ways to support us.

The easiest way is to spread the word of Games Bulletin. Share posts, tell friends, comment on social media posts. All of these are things that algorithm love. Engaging with our posts lets sites like Facebook know you like our content, and they’ll show you it more often. Also word of mouth. Telling friends and sharing posts to them are simple ways to help spread the word.

We also really love feedback, If there is something we are doing that could be better, or you love things the way they are, let us know! Tweet us, message us, us the contact form on our site! All feedback is welcomed!

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I've loved video games for as long as I can remember. Recently found a love for reporting video game news and decided to start Games Bulletin, and have been enjoying every step of the journey.