Shinji Hirano Is The New Kojima Productions President

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With the new president announced for Kojima Productions in the form of but what does that mean for the company’s future?

How did Kojima Productions start out?

Kojima Productions started out as a subsidiary of Konami in 2005.

The studio later grew to 200 people when Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was in production.

When it was announced that Hideo Kojima’s contract was terminated some 10 years later; news soon followed that Kojima Productions now stood as a lone games company.

Not only was Kojima Productions a standalone company now, but they also partner up with Sony.

Here are they now & what are they doing?

It is safe to say 2016 has been a crazy year in gaming and even crazier for Hideo Kojima himself.

The madness has led to him have full reign over the development of his latest game “Death stranding”, which will no doubt be a great game.

However, it seems Kojima has reeled in the help of gaming heavyweight Shinji Hirano as his president, but what does this mean for Kojima productions?

Who is Shinji Hirano?

Well firstly let’s have a quick look as Shinji Hirano’s career history.

Shinji was a part of Konami from July 2005, and left in March 2016.

He was a prominent figure for the company as he worked as a President & EVP for Konami Digital Entertain America; President for Konami Europe and before he left was Corporate Officer, Division Director and Sales Director.

It is safe to say that Shinji has held numerous important roles for one of the largest games company in the Japanese world.

What happened between Konami & Hideo Kojima?

Hideo Kojima’s and Konami’s disbandment was a public frenzy as it seemed that Konami was out to erase Kojima from anything Metal Gear related. There was a series of events leading up to the disbandment of Konami and Kojima.

From removing his name on the latest entry into the Metal Gear series too disallowing Kojima attending any awards ceremony.People can be pretty certain the fact that Konami has no love for Kojima.

If Kojima & Konami are on bad terms…why hire a senior Konami staff member?

With all this bad blood between both parties people are surprised that Kojima hired a former senior member from the Konami ranks.

Firstly Shinji was predominantly part of the European & American teams.

As we know it was only the Japanese HQ that Kojima had actual problems in the end.

Shinji left Konami months before being appointed President at Konami Productions.

Maybe Shinji had his own personal issues with Konami himself?

Why hire a president & what does this mean for Konami Productions?

Now the question may rise “why can’t Kojima run things as the president?” Kojima is a legend in the gaming industry creating masterpieces.

Kojima may not be as strong when it comes to the business side, therefore recruiting someone who has 10+ years of experience managing the business side of the largest games company will always be an easy choice.

To put it simply in the words of Shinji Hirano himself he:

“Responsible for managing extremely talented creative teams as one single entity and providing the leadership to make company successful as one of the greatest creative studios in the world.”

What is next for Kojima Productions?

We may be far away yet from seeing the release of “Death Stranding”, however with the direction they’re going it will no doubt be an amazing game.

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