RUMOUR: DICE Working On Battle Royale Mode For Battlefield V

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According to VentureBeat, DICE are working on a battle royale mode for Battlefield V. Before you go singing from the rooftops, or yelling depending on your stance on the matter, there are some red flags. Much of the VentureBeat article just discusses the popularity of battle royale games, but there are some points of interest.

First major point being that DICE working on a battle royale. The mode is apparently in prototype and the mode apparently hasn’t been approved for released. The second major point being that the author of the article asked EA for a comment and EA refused to comment. This could be read as EA refusing because they¬†are making the battle royale mode, or refusing to answer because they have better things to do. We honestly can’t be sure.

The third major point of the article, and the one that worries me the most, is the articles lack of sources. I understand that leaked info will likely not have a source, but normally these types of articles come with a “a developer of the game”, or a “source close to the publisher”.

I personally am keeping my expectations low for this one. Battle royale games are popular these days, bringing in huge player bases for the games as well as money for the publisher but I can’t personally see how one would fit into a Battlefield game. Then again, it is EA. EA love money.

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