Sega have announced a partnership with the UK's leading art publisher to produce art for Sonic's 25th anniversary.
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Sega have announced that they have partnered with art publisher Washington Green, the UK’s leading art publisher, to produce a collection of art inspired by the iconic Sonic The Hedgehog. The artwork is in celebration of the character’s 25th anniversary, and will feature a range of art forms including sculptures and paintings.

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Some of these artworks will go on to be reproduced as signed limited editions and sold through Washington Green’s network of art galleries. Each piece of artwork will come with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by Naoto Oshima, a founding member and designer of the Sonic franchise.

The pieces are currently being created and will be released on 2nd December 2016 through Washington Green’s 34 galleries. A public exhibition of the original work, included the signed pieces, will take place in London from 2nd December with a VIP launch the evening before.

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