Second Target of The Sarajevo Six In Hitman Revealed

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The second target of The Sarajevo Six has been revealed as Gary Lunn, also known as The Enforcer. The second target was revealed via a press release from Hitman publisher Square Enix.

Gary Lunn, also known as “The Enforcer”, has been located in Sapienza where he is currently working at th

e Ether corporate bio lab, supervising high level security efforts. Lunn is a highly trained professional and can most likely be found moving around Villa Caruso or the bio lab.

The Sarajevo Six are former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA. The Sarajevo Six are a set of six bonus contracts, exclusively for Playstation 4, that contain a self-contained side-story revolving around these members. Agent 47 travels the world in pursuit of these members, with one contract available per location.

What do you guys think of the episodic release of Hitman? Are you enjoying the episodes? Let us know in the comments. Check out the trailer below!

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