A thread has appeared on NeoGAF showing images of what is apparently a PS4 slim.
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A thread on NeoGAF started just a few hours prior to this writing that appears to show a PS4 slim.  The thread sees NeoGAF users sharing opinions on whether this is real or fake, with more photos emerging in the thread.

Obviously at this time this should be treated as a rumour, as we have no official word from Sony. However, Sony have slim versions of previous PlayStations so it is possible that the depicted console is a PS4 slim. Add to this that Sony have a PlayStation Meeting on September 7th and you do start to wonder if this is actually real. Until we hear word from Sony I’m not getting my hopes up. Check out the gallery of images below to see the rumoured PS4 slim, and check out the NeoGAF thread for more discussion.

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