An Amazon listing seems to have surfaced showing a game titled Destiny: The Collection.
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Online retail giant Amazon may have accidentally leaked yet another re-release of Destiny. Named Destiny: The Collection, the listing was found by Twitter user Lifelower, who screenshot the listing and posted it. Luckily before the listing was removed.


No details were shown as to what the re-release could entail, but if I was to hazard a guess it would just be all of Destiny’s content and all expansions up to the release of the game’s next expansion, Rise of Iron. This wouldn’t be surprising considering that Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition contained the main game and all of the previous expansions.

The confusing part comes when we look at Destiny: The Collection’s release date. The game is due for release, for PS4 and Xbox One, on August 18th. This is just over a month before the Rise of Iron expansion. Maybe this is to allow new players time to catch up partly? Only time will tell.

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