RUMOR: GameFly Listing Suggests Modern Warfare Remastered Will Be Available Separately

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Rental based video game retailer GameFly have listed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster on their website, suggesting that it may be released separately from Infinite Warfare.

The listings show that the Xbox One version as available from 20 July 2017, and the Playstation 4 version as available from 20 June 2017 – meaning it would follow suit of the download content, by coming to Playstation first.

Modern Warfare Remaster
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At the moment you can only play the Modern Warfare Remaster by owning either the Legacy or Digital Deluxe Editions of the Infinite Warfare – with the Infinite Warfare disc being a requirement of launching the remaster if you have the physical copy.

Activision has not confirmed this nor have they stated yet if or when Modern Warfare Remastered will be available separately.

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