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Rogue Company
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Hi-Rez Studios recently announced a slew of new content for Rogue Company. The free to play game has received a battle pass, a new Rogue, and a new Ranked system. Many of you are probably interested in the new Rogue, so let’s begin with her.

New Rogue: Kestrel

Launch trailer for Kestrel

Despite having retired some time back, Kestrel was actually a founding member of Rogue Company. Kestrel returns to action, answering the call of her former organisation. She comes with an arsenal of weapons, and a new perk, in her bid to help the fight against the Jackal.

Kestrel comes armed with two new automatic weapons, and an active ability which unleashes self-driven drones. These drones are capable of firing rockets at Kestrel’s enemies. Her passive ability grants Ketsrel extra cash each time she downs an enemy. As well as this, Kestrel is the first Rogue to make use of the new Perk Resupply. This perk causes eliminated enemies to drop a supply kit that will refill all purchased gadgets.

Season One Battle Pass

The introduction of Kestrel was accompanied by the announcement of the Season One Battle Pass. This Battle Pass brings 50 cosmetic items for players to unlock. As with many Battle Passes, players progress through the pass by simply playing the game. Players do have the option to buy the Premium Pass for 1000 Rogue Bucks, the game’s virtual currency. Doing so will grant the One Shot One Kill outfit for The Fixer, the game’s sniper.

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Those wishing to begin the game’s first season with that little extra something, can now purchase one of three bundles. The Rogue Edition ($24.99) unlocks eight playable Rogues from last year, along with 500 Rogue Bucks. The Year 1 Pass ($24.99) unlocks all eight Rogues for 2021, as well as 500 Rogue Bucks. The Ultimate Edition ($49.99) grants you both of the previous bundle, with an additional 500 Rogue Bucks.

New Ranked System

Rogue Company have introduced a new Ranked system, aimed at providing fair competition for all players. The new system compromises of Tiers, which are further split into divisions. Players will then rise and fall through these divisions based on how well they play. This system is supported by features such as placement matches, party restricitions, and seasonal rewards.

Will this be enough to tempt you to try Rogue Company? Or maybe you’ve played before, and are looking to get back in? But for those of you who play regularly, how do you feel about this? Do you welcome these new features? Either way let us in the comments below!

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