Rocket League Launches Mode That Changes The Game

Rocket League
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Psyonix’s have announced a new mode for Rocket League in the form of what they are calling Dropshot Mode. This mode will completely reinvent the game, and is available┬ánow.

Dropshot mode sounds like a crazy take on the game, compared to previous updates which were Basketball, Hockey, and Rumble mode (basically superpowers in form of pick-ups). In Dropshot you are placed into a hexagonal arena with no goals for scoring. Instead the arena is divided down the middle and overlaid with similar hexagons, the aim is to break through the floor of your opponents half by knocking the ball downwards.

This is not all the game update will add, it also adds Easter themed items, this includes an Easter themed antenna, Easter basket topper and an Easter bunny topper. These items will be dropped randomly as post-game drops on all modes, but after April 17.

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