Retro-Bit have announced an European subsidiary, and plan to release the Super Retro Trio Plus in December
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For those of you like me who haven’t heard of Retro-Bit, a bit of backstory. Retro-Bit are the “leader in retro consoles, controllers and video game hardware”. Retro-Bit have been around since 2007 and have introduced “innovative” platforms for the gamers of today to once again experience games of what many regard as a classic era in gaming. The company have been “specializing in manufacturing third party accessories for all of your favorite Retro gaming consoles”.

Today the company announced Retro-Bit Europe, a subsidiary of the company that aims to bring the hardware to the gamers of Europe, and they aim to jump straight to releasing hardware. The first piece to be released is the Super Retro Trio Plus; “a compact console capable of playing original NES®, SNES® and MegaDrive cartridges from virtually any region in glorious HD”. The Trio Plus features a simple region switch that allows players to switch between NTSC/PF/NJ and PAL regions. The console comes complete with two controllers, six controller ports, and support of 1st and 3rd party controllers.

The console is available for pre-order via Amazon for £69.99, and is set to ship in December. Will you be picking one up? I would assume this is a must have for fans of retro gaming. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

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