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Resident Evil 7 is a very scary game and it’s scaring 2.5 million people worldwide sales figures have revealed. That’s 2.5 million new pairs of underwear needed. 2.5 million people who have gone to sleep with the lights on. 2.5 million people waking up from paralysing nightmares, covered in sweat and tears, and screaming into the night for peace from this living hell. That last one might just be me.

Since its release on the 24th January Resident Evil 7 has shifted 2.5 million copies worldwide, a decent number in a short time. Capcom released the figures today in a press statement saying it was a solid stars for their flagship series. From the release of the first instalment in 1996 to now cumulative sales of the games have reached 75 million units. The apparent return to form seems to be down to rewriting their own rule book and changing almost everything that makes a usual Resident Evil game. It’s all played from a first person perspective and you don’t play as a member of STARS. There are things that make it unmistakably Resi though. Ammo is very scarce and at times pretty ineffective. Elaborate puzzles involving hex-cranks, statues, and crests are back. It’s set in a giant, mansion-esque, house with different areas with distinct features and bosses. Each area is stalked by a different member of the terrifying Baker family who want nothing more than to see you dead and buried/butchered/cooked.

Even if you’re not a fan of the new style RE you’ve got to admit that 2.5 million sales in just over 2.5 days is good going. Are you one of those who already own the game? Are you thinking of picking it up? Do you wake screaming into the abyss? Let me know in the comment section below.

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