Bandai Namco have revealed more characaters for Tekken 7, including Negan from The Walking Dead ...
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Bandai Namco have revealed the last of the characters that will be released to complete the second season pass for Tekken 7. Marduk and Armour King are available as of today, after being announced at the Tekken World Tour tournament the weekend just gone. 

As someone who doesn’t play Tekken 7 introducing Negan from The Walking Dead seems like a strange choice to me, however I have a feeling that TWD fans who play Tekken may love it. There are 6 characters that have been revealed, and we have trailers for 4 of them. The characters are; Negan, Armour King, Marduk, Julia, Anna and Lei. 

What do you think of the characters revealed? Negan seems like a strange addition, but like I said I’m sure people will enjoy it. Let us know in the comments below what you think, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

Marduk Trailer

Armor King Trailer

Negan Trailer

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