Red Dead Online is finally getting a significant update which includes legendary animals, a new naturalist role, and a fresh new Outlaw Pass.
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Red Dead Online is finally getting a significantly large update and includes legendary animals, a new Naturalist role, and a fresh new Outlaw Pass. The biggest addition to this update is the Naturalist role.

This opens up a new path that focuses on tracking, hunting, and studying animals. The Naturalist role adds two new free roam events, two new story missions, access to temporary campfires, a Gypsy Cob horse breed, and various new clothing items. The Naturalist role will cost you 25 Gold Bars (Red Dead Online’s premium currency.)

Red Dead Redemption 2

Starting today, Red Dead Online players will be able to hunt seven different animal species and all seven have three different sub-species. Players can do this by purchasing maps at Davenport or by simply progressing through the Naturalist role. On the flip-side, there is a new mission that requires the player to protect animals from poachers. This mission can be purchased in Davenport or through the Naturalist role.

Included in this new update is five new dynamic events, a new set of collections for the Collector role, several new daily challenges, a ton of new clothing items, tonics, animal trinkets, crafting recipes, hairstyles, emotes and weapon variants. Two new weapons have also been added including the Elephant Rifle and the Improved Bow.

Red Dead Online’s Outlaw Pass is going into its third season and will run from July 28th to October 19th. Purchasing this Outlaw Pass will cost you 40 Gold Bars. Along with all of the new features, this update brings some technical fixes. These fixes include everything from matchmaking to role content. This hefty new update to Red Dead Online is one that players have been waiting for. What do you guys think of the new update? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin.

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