Resident Evil 7 Demo Update Coming To PC and Xbox One Soon

Resident Evil 7
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The Resident Evil 7 demo “Beginning Hour” recently received a new update on the PlayStation 4. The update, titled “Midnight”, is set to arrive on Xbox One in a few days according to Capcom. Unfortunately PC players will have to wait until December 19th.

Although the PC players will have to wait a tad longer, the PC port will launch with “a multitude of PC-specific settings and graphics options to adjust to your liking for the best possible experience with Resident Evil 7 biohazard”.  The description for the update simply states:

“The awesome RE community has found all sorts of objects, clues, and items in Beginning Hour, ranging from a common lock pick to a cryptic dummy finger.  A locked door has changed in subtle ways from its original release with the first “Twilight” update, adding creepy mold and hinting at something more. With the second and final “Midnight” update, you’ll finally see how everything comes together. For the first time, explore what lies beyond the mold-covered door, where terrifying growling noises emanate from….”

Resident Evil 7 launches 24th January for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and from the Windows 10 store. The game does also include an optional PSVR mode for that in your face horror experience. Are you looking forward to RE7? Have you played the demo?

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