Razer Launches Paid-To-Play To Reward Gamers With Loyalty Currency

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Being paid to play games. It’s every gamer’s dream. Well Razer is taking some steps towards this. Admittedly you won’t be able to play games for a living, but there is some benefit to it. Razer’s paid-to-play service will reward players for playing certain games via Cortex, namely; League of Legends, Dota 2, Paladins, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Playing these games earns you 6 zSilver (Razer’s loyalty currency) per minute, with a cap of 900 zSilver being able to be earned every day. You can also earn zSilver by using Arena, their tournament organising platform.

This may sound very nice at first, but you will be waiting a while before you reap those rewards. Obtaining Razer equipment using zSilver requires a lot of the currency. The Kraken 7.1 V2 headset will set you back 130,000 zSilver, while the Mamba Chroma mouse will set you back 195,000 zSilver. There are other zSilver rewards, such as money off of Razer hardware. This doesn’t sound too bad really, but when you break it down you realise it is quite a while.

See the zSilver cap per day is 900. This will take you 150 minutes to get. After this you can’t earn anymore zSilver that day. So those 130,000 zSilver, because of the cap limit, will take you 144.4 days to earn. Those 195,000 zSilver for your Mamba Chrome will take you 216.4 days to earn. Admittedly there has to be a cap, otherwise people would go crazy and be getting hardware left, right and centre. Those of you who are hardcore LoL/Dota/Overwatch/etc fans will stand to benefit from this. You’re going to be playing these games anyway, why not earn some nice Razer gear for doing so? For those of you who are more casual players of these games, maybe this programme isn’t best suited to you.

What do you think of Razer’s paid-to-play programme? Will you be jumping on board? Or is it not your sort of thing? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @bulletin_ben!

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