<p>Operation Black Ice gives new operators and a new map</p>
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Committed to their promise of providing new content on a regular basis, Ubisoft have announced the release of the Operation Black Ice content pack. 

Operation Black Ice will bring:

  • new yacht map 
  • two new operators (Frost and Buck)
  • new weapon skins

Rainbow Six Siege’s post launch content is set to “avoid any split in the community”, and as a result all content will be available at no extra cost. All new maps and modes are available immediately to everyone, however that’s not always the case. 

Those of you who own the Season Pass will gain immediate access to new operators. Those of you who don’t own a Season Pass can unlock the operators using the game’s earned currency, known as Renown, or using R6 credits. 

To me this raises an issue. The Season Pass costs £24.99 here in the UK. Most games require you to have the Season Pass otherwise you cannot play on the newly released maps (in most cases). But if I can just unlock new operators and will gain the new maps and modes for free without the Season Pass, why am I going to shell out an extra £25?

Regardless of this, some screenshots from Operation Black Ice are below.

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