Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operator Revealed

Rainbow Six Seige
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Operation Velvet Shell’s first new Operator is Jackal.

Velvet Shell’s first new Operator video has been released. It gives a look into what abilities┬áthis character will have.

One of Jackal’s abilities is that he can see enemy footprints. It is not clear on what limits this ability will have, such as how often he can use this ability or how long enemy footprints stay behind. However, this little peek at game plays shows that this character is going to be very interesting in competitive multiplayer.

Ubisoft has not shared anything about the new Operator that is coming. Both new characters come from┬áSpain’s Grupo Especial de Operaciones, or GEO. These two new characters will be free for Year 2 season pass holders. Other players will be able to purchase them a week after Velvet Shell launches.

The Velvet Shell update is also bringing a new map called Coastline, it takes place at a Spanish resort. This map will be free to everyone once it releases.

A live demo of Velvet Shell will take place during the approaching Six International Tournament, it starts February 3rd and lasts until the 5th. A glimpse of the other new Operator should be released before then.

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