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Rainbow Six Siege Team To Get Over 100 Operators

Rainbow Six Siege
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Ubisoft Montreal plans to add over 100 playable characters to Rainbow Six Siege in the future.

The team stated in interviews their intention of releasing over a hundred playable characters with their minimum mark being fifty:

The idea is that you actually want enough Operators so that [for] each pick you have a choice.
When we have 50, that’ll be when the game is at its peak in terms of strategy.

At the moment, the game has 33 Operators and many improvements were added with the update Operation Health since its release, and the team is still working on it:

In the future, we are still keeping the core pillars to focus on game optimization, top community issues reported by the community, and improving player experience.
The groundwork in Operation Health will help us to continue to improve the game for the distant future.

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