Rainbow Six Siege Free Update Available Tomorrow

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Ubisoft yesterday announced that the free update Operation Dust will be available May 11th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The update, which is the second major update or the game, offers two new Operators, a new map, new gameplay improvements and more. The content is outlined below.

New Map & Operators

The new map is called Border, and is said to be “a mix of old and new construction with open air pathways .. making it the most destructible and open map to date”. There are two new operators; Valkyrie and Blackbeard.


Valkyrie is equipped with the “Black Eye” Gyro Cam Mk2. This is a camera that deploys quickly to provide a sticky cam that gives her team a new point of view.


Blackbeard carries a TARS Mk 0 Transparent Armoured Rifle Shield with him into battle. This increases his mobile protection without reducing his field of vision.

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Improved Gameplay Experience

Loadout customisation between rounds

It is now possible to customise your operator’s loadout between rounds. By selecting an operator and going to the loadout. The press release states that this “will allow for additional tactical choices between rounds”.

operator reworks

There are several reworkings on some of the operators. Montagne’s shield now has side protection. Tachanka’s LMG is now easier to place and use. There are also additional operator, weapon and secondary gadget tweaks.

gadget placement cancellation

By turning this feature on in the Options menu, players can cancel the placement of a gadget at any time.

winning team showcase

After the final round, the winning team’s operators will be displayed for both teams to see. An MVP of the match will also be crowned.

Those of you who own the Season Pass will receive the operators instantly on May 11th. Those who don’t own the Season Pass can unlock the operators using the game’s Renown currency from May 18th.

A lot of people I talk to hold Rainbow Six Siege as one of the best first person shooters currently available. Do you own the game? What’s your experience of the game? Let us know in the comments.

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