Rainbow Six Adding Two New Classes

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Ubisoft has released some new details regarding Rainbow Six: Siege’s next big update. The information was released during Rainbow Six’s Pro League Finals today. The new update is called Operation Dustline and it features two new classes. 

The first is Valkyrie, she is a defender packing a SPAS-12 shotgun character who can use sticky cameras. These can be attached to any surface and are also accessible by her squadmates. 

The other is Blackbeard, an Attacker who has a shield mounted to his weapon, he also has a Desert Eagle. 

If you have the season pass, you can expect to see this update during the week of May 9th. Ubisoft has yet to release any new information or videos, but Operation Dustline does take place in the Middle East. 

What are your thoughts on Siege? What would you like to see in the future?

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