PUBG Mobile is getting a big new update just in time for Halloween. This updates introduces a new mode called "Halloweeks Mode"
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PUBG Mobile is getting a big new update just in time for Halloween. This update introduces a new mode called “Halloweeks Mode”; A new themed mode on the classic Erangel map, a virtual rock band, and festive outfits. PUBG’s new Rock N’ Roll, POWER4, makes its debut with themed outfits and a new debut track.

Starting on October 23rd, PUBG Mobile players will be able to experience all Halloween atmosphere. Jumping to matches at Erangel, players will be able to enter Halloweeks Mode. This mode spread four zombie camps across fixed locations on the battleground. These camps will have wandering zombies as well as valuable crates. After defeating all of the zombies in the designated camps, the crates will open, providing players with valuable resources.

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Along with the new game mode, PUBG Mobile introduces its virtual rock band, POWER4. The four-member group, composed of powerful elemental lords. Players can also get the outfits of the members. These outfits have a metal rock style to them. This event starts on the 23rd and runs through Monday, November 9th. PUBG is available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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