PlayStation Release Videos Explaining PSVR Setup

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Playstation have uploaded a series of videos to the PlayStation Youtube channel explaining how to setup the company’s upcoming virtual reality headset. A while back SCE Japan Asia Deputy President Hiroyuki Oda said in an interview with Rappler  “Customers can easily plug the PSVR to the PS4 and they immediately can start PSVR gaming” however these videos show, while easy, it’s not as easy as plug and play.

The first of the three videos features an unboxing of the PSVR, and shows the components that come with the headset. The second video shows the actual process of connecting those components, which also shows a specific order the components must be turned on in. The third and final video shows how to set up the area in which you play the PSVR, explaining how to put the headset on and also giving a size of the play area so you know how much furniture you have to move.

I personally like the fact that Sony are attempting to bring virtual reality to the masses, but from the reviews I’ve read it seems that PSVR, while being more affordable and accessible, is far from perfect. VR is certainly on the way, but I feel that VR being accessible and affordable to everyone still has a way to come. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

The three videos are available below.

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