PlayStation VR Launched Today

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Today saw the release of PlayStation VR, Sony’s venture into the world of virtual reality on a home console. VR has been around for some time, with HTC and Samsung having headsets available for PC gamers for a few years now but Sony are attempting to make the concept a little more mainstream with a console version.

PSVR comes with a hefty price tag that will set you back more than the cost of a PS4 but in terms of VR in general, this can be considered cheap! The PSVR headset retails at £349.99/$430 dollars and for the full experience you will need to purchase the PS4 camera and PlayStation Move controllers as well as games on top. The price is sure to put some people off but in terms of VR, Samsung and HTC’s top offerings will cost nearly double this.

Playstation VR

On launch, over 30 titles are available to play from a range of sources. Some existing titles like Collateral Damage are offering VR support as well as new games from prominent franchises like Until Dawn and Batman. As well as paid for titles, the headset comes with a demo disc of samples for those with a limited bank balance.
For the tech savvy among you, PSVR features a 5.7-inch OLED screen and 360-degree vision. Sony are claiming 120 FPS visuals and 3D audio as well as a built in mic for online gaming. A full list of specs as well as information on launch titles can be found on the PlayStation website.

How do you feel about VR hitting consoles? Do you think we are looking at the future of gaming or is it another fad like 3D that never really picks up speed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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