PSN Made More Money Than All Of Nintendo

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During their last financial year, Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) made more money than all of Nintendo, according to an article by Eurogamer. The difference was highlighter by Twitter user ZhugeEX.


Eurogamer report that during the last financial year (ending 31st March 2016) PSN generated 529.1 billion Yen in sales. But during the same year, Nintendo as a company generated 504.4 billion Yen. The article goes on to state that in terms of profit PSN made £331 million more than Nintendo.

You might think to yourself how can one department of a company make more money than an entire rival company? Eurogamer report that the WiiU, Nintendo’s current flagship console, has sold 12.8 million units and requires no subscription to play online. On the other hand the PlayStation 4, Sony’s current flagship console, has sold 40 million units. When we consider the reason becomes very clear. Sony obviously gets a cut every time that something is bought from PSN. Many of those 40 million units will also be used by their owners to play games online. To do so you need a PlayStation Plus account, which will cost you £40 a year. When you start piecing these pieces together it’s how PSN generated this much profit.

The PS4 seems to be growing and growing in terms of profit, with sales increasing 11.8% each year. This amounts to a crazy amount of profit. £537m in fact. However Xbox could be on the heels of Sony. Xbox Live revenue has reportedly grown 22% during the last financial quarter. However the PS4 currently outsells the Xbox One with ratio of 2  PS4s for every one Xbox One sold.

What do you think of these figures? Do you think the Xbox One will catch up with the sales of the PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

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