Games Bulletin rounds up every game from the PS5 Future of Gaming show!
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After what seems like a long wait, Playstation have finally revealed the PS5 to the world and below we have a roundup of the upcoming games and features revealed at last night’s event.


PS5 Ditched the single colour look of previous consoles and opts for a sleek looking black and white monochromatic approach to match the controller revealed some months ago, and will be available in 2 editions at launch, a disc-based version and a digital only version. The PS5 boasts a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD with Integrated I/O and will feature 3D audio and ray tracing capabilities. No word on a price or release date as yet.


More information was given about the previously glimpsed dual sense controller which features haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a usb-c slot, a built in mic and integrated speaker as well as a headphone jack and motion controls.

GTA V – Expanded and Enhanced

GTA 5 is back on it’s third generation of consoles (an impressive feat however you look at it!) and as the title suggests, will be expanded and enhanced when released in 2021. It comes with the news that all PS5 owners will get GTA Online free at launch and current PS4 owners of GTA V will get $1M GTA cash every month until the PS5 version is released.

Spider-Man: Myles Morales

The PS4 mega-hit Spider-Man gets a follow up, this time with Miles Morales in the starring role instead of Peter Parker. The game looks beautiful and snowy, and rather aptly is set for release in the holiday season of 2020, suggesting it may be a launch title.

Gran Turismo 7

The hyper-real racer is back looking almost photo realistic. No word on a release date as yet.

Ratchet and Clank – Rift Apart

The super-cute duo are back in a new title! This time dimensions are fracturing causing the plucky pair to be thrown through a range of stunning environments, from pirate worlds, to futuristic cities and dragon-filled jungles. This time, the pair are joined by a new character, a female from Ratchet’s race.

Project Athia

A new title from Square-Enix, this appears to be the game teased a while back. The trailer is short but features a female protagonist in a hostile-looking world and shows grand leaps through some breathtaking environments….also….a big dragon! No further information or a release date have been shared as yet.


Another teaser trailer, this time featuring a stray cat in a world that looks to be completely populated by robots! No gameplay as yet but it has a 2021 release date.


Returnal is a Playstation exclusive, set on another planet, an astronaut is stuck in a loop of dying and reawakening with the planet changing each time. Lot’s of action shown in the gameplay trailer with some creepy looking aliens and almost bullet-hell inspired sections. No release date given as yet.

Sackboy – A Big Adventure

The Playstation mascot from Little Big Planet is back in a new adventure. The game appears to be a cross between a 2.5 and 3D platformer and focus seems to be on multiplayer play. Lots of quirky, toy-like environments and enemies as expected! No release date has been released yet.

Destruction Allstars

A crazy looking arena based combat game featuring 3rd person running, parkour and driving – with traps and lot’s of explosions. It looks as crazy as it sounds! No release date as yet.

Kena – Bridge of Spirits

A beautiful 3D hack-n-slash adventure game following a young girl who has the ability to control small, fuzzy creatures for both combat and puzzle purposes. Looks like it could be one to watch. No release date as yet.

Goodbye Volcano High

An interesting looking trailer with anime/comic looking visuals and implied high-school angst. No gameplay was shared so the type of game is anyone’s guess! Set for release in 2021.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Abe is back! In a return to the roots of the original game, Abe is off on another adventure in what looks to be a 2D side scroller in which the aim is to stay alive and rescue as many companions as possible. No release date has been provided.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Set in a supernatural Tokyo, the game is in first person and follows an unnamed protagonist as he uses his hands as magical weapons to defeat a range of dark creatures. An interesting premise that looks glorious! Set for release in 2021.

Jett: The Far Shore

Another potential release title, with a date of holiday 2020, this trailer is full of mystery. It looks to be that you control a ship exploring what is left of Earth, hundred’s of years in the the future, but who knows!


A 3D hack-n-slash adventure set in a futuristic yet fantasy looking environment with a focus on combat. Another potential release title with a holiday 2020 release.

Solar Ash

Another teaser trailer, giving puzzle adventure vibes in the vein of Journey or Rime. Set for release in 2021.

Hitman 3

Agent 47 returns in the next installment of the Hitman franchise. Unfortunately the trailer did not feature any rubber ducks. Set for release in January of 2021.

Astro’s Playroom

The adorable PSVR robot returns for Astro’s Playroom. It looks to be a 3D platformer but there is no indication as to whether this is VR or not. No release date given as yet.

Little Devil Inside

A cartoon-esque adventure with fun, stylised visuals. The game looks to be focussed on hunting with use of both guns and blades and monsters ranging from small to epic! A unique premise and another one to watch. No release date given.

NBA 2K21

The next instalment of the basketball franchise is set for release in autumn of 2020, although an exact PS5 release date was not shared.


There are a range of bug/fruit hybrids wandering an island before they are eaten by a walrus type creature who takes on the properties of the fruit/bugs. It’s from the makers of Octodad which should say it all really. Set for release in the holiday season of 2020, so possibly another launch title.

Demon’s Souls

The original super-tough hack-n-slash adventure that led to the Dark Souls games gets a remaster. No release date as yet.


A FPS that features assassins locked in a time loop. A mix of stealth and action with gadgets galore and time travel set against a 60’s style aesthetic. No release date given.

Resident Evil 8

The horror heavyweight returns in Village: Resident Evil 8 (The internet is still unsure of exactly how to pronounce it). Ethan returns after his outing with the Baker family for another first-person nightmare with a very victorian-looking setting. Set for release in 2021.


Another teaser, this time featuring a an astronaut, a possible cyborg and holographic cat. No gameplay was shown but it looks to be interesting regardless! Set for release in 2021.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Aloy returns in a sequel to Playstation’s 2017 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn. This time the snowy peaks are replaced with desert sands and a tropical jungle island, as Aloy investigates a sickness sweeping the land. No release date as yet but here’s hoping it’s a launch title.

Well there you have it! The PS5 has been revealed and showed us new characters, old characters, cats….and lots of videos with tiny balls that gave flashbacks of unzipping a beanbag chair. However, it’s official, the next generation is close… it’s time to start saving.

You can watch the full PS5 Future of Gaming event as it unfolded here.

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