Sony's Platinum Headset is now set to release in January 2017 instead of the holiday's. The Platinum Headset will cost £130($160).
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Sony’s Platinum Headset release date has been pushed back. Instead of the coming out during the holidays, like originally stated, it will now release in January 2017. Though you will be able to have access to an enhanced version of the PS4, but you’ll have to wait to get the new wireless headset. Sony does already have a first-party wireless headset for sale. It’s called the Gold Wireless Headset and it currently costs £82($100) while the Platinum Headset will cost £130($160).

Platinum Headset

It is the latest and agreeably the most technically efficient headset by Sony. It’s going to be a high-end headset with “premium construction and materials for extra comfort, as well as enhanced highly positional 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by SIE’s proprietary 3D audio technology.” Similar to the Gold, it has a hidden microphone and 3.55 mm audio jack. It is also going to be compatible to the PSVR.

The Platinum Headset is very sleek looking. It has a smooth design that looks very impressive. To give players more immersive sound quality, there will be a companion app available so you can custom tune the headset with different audio modes. There is no news if there’s anything being changed for the January release. It is most likely a production delay than a problem with the headset.

What do you think of the new headset? How do you feel about it being delayed? Are you going to get the Platinum Headset? Let us know in the comments below!

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