PS4 Version Of Adventure Game Thimbleweed Park Announced

Timbleweed Park
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Rob Gilbert co-creator of Maniac Mansion, last week teased that his latest game Timbleweed Park could be on its way to the Nintendo Switch, when he tweeted a video of him playing it on the console. However, in a post on the Official Playstation Blog he has announced it definitely on the way to Playstation 4. Where the post reads;

“Ever since the initial launch on 30th March, we’ve been hammered with questions about when it’ll be coming to PlayStation. It’s exciting to see that the interest in this game extends far beyond the die-hard adventure game fans who backed it and we’re thrilled to bring Thimbleweed Park to a whole new audience with our PS4 launch on 22nd August.”

The game is inspired by TV programs like X-Files and Twin Peaks, and was released on both the Xbox One and PC earlier this year. The game was also funded through Kickstarter as the spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion. As previously mentioned (and shown in the Tweet above) the game was shown being played on the Switch, but a release date for the Switch has not been provided so far by Gilbert.

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