PS4 Pro Features A Replaceable Hard Drive

ps4 pro
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Sony has confirmed that it is possible for consumers to replace the internal hard drive of their latest console, the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro features a SATA III interface, similarly to most modern motherboards in PCs. This allows it to support Solid State Drives up to a speed of 6 Gb/s. This is twice the performance of the older PS4 model, which featured a SATA II connection with a max speed of 3 GB/s. This enhanced speed will decrease the time it takes to install games onto the hard drive, save and various other features, if you decide install one.

ps4 pro
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The PS4 Pro comes pre-installed with a 1TB hard drive, a reasonable amount of storage, however Solid State Drives come with a considerably smaller Gb to price ratio. Meaning most users will have to settle with a smaller amount of storage to gain the extra performance. I wonder if the majority of consumers will either purchase a larger hard drive for more storage, or a smaller one for extra performance.

Having the extra customisation options available, is a good move from Sony, previous PS4 versions have supported removable drives however the Xbox one and Wii U do not support them. Only time will tell if the Microsoft competition, Scorpio has a similar feature.

The PS4 Pro releases on 10th November 2016 for £349 (€392.64) in the UK.

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