Primal Comes To PS4

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Today sees the addition of another game to the growing list of PS2 titles available on PS4. Sony have announced that Primal will be joining the other 25 titles available.

For those of you who missed Primal the first time around, it follows young heroine Jennifer Tate as she searches a range of demonic realms for her missing boyfriend. Each realm gives Jennifer the ability to transform into a different demonic state with different powers and abilities available. Despite mixed reviews, the game had a good story that was well acted and has become somewhat of a cult classic.

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PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida said Sony will work “tirelessly” to release even more PS2 games for PS4 “on a regular basis.” The company is also asking for your suggestions for which games should be added which will hopefully result in some classics heading to PS4.

Some more classics that are available include GTA (3, San Andreas and Vice City), Manhunt, Bully and both Dark Clouds. A full list of the available titles can be found on Sony’s website.

did you enjoy Primal first time? Will you be picking it up this time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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