Premium Mercy Statue Revealed

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Have too much money? Or just enough money but a reckless tendency to spend spare money instead of saving? Me too, don’t sweat it. Let me introduce you to my latest reckless purchase! A nearly 14 inch tall statue of Mercy from Overwatch.┬áThe statue is hand-painted, and highly detailed. It shows Mercy in her standard outfit, with her signature wings spread out.

This statue is the latest in the line of Blizzard collectibles. The collection started last year with Tracer and Reaper, as well as a few Warcraft statues. This was followed by a Widowmaker statue, each of these costing roughly $150. Next up was a D.Va statue at the slightly more pricey cost of $450.

The release date for this Mercy statue is set for the fourth quarter of this year, with this particular statue costing $175. Will you be grabbing this? I want to say that I won’t be but I know that I will. Let me know what you think of this statue in the comments below, or tweet me @bulletin_ben!

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