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Pokémon Quest Available Now For Mobile

Pokémon Quest
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For those fans that are desperate for a Pokémon fix and can’t wait until the new Switch titles, fear not, Pokémon Quest is now available on mobile!

Pokémon quest was first release on the Nintendo Switch back in May and is now available free of charge on the App Store and Google Play. Developed by Game Freak, the is set on Tumblecube Island where everything, including the Pokémon, are cubes! The game is an action RPG and players will traverse the Island exploring undiscovered territories, hunting for treasure and of course, battling and recruiting Pokémon.

Gameplay features of Pokémon Quest include:

  • Battling by tapping—Pokémon Quest uses simple touch controls.
  • Befriending Pokémon—Use items collected throughout expeditions to befriend a wide array of Pokémon.
  • Create your Pokémon dream team—Take three of your Pokémon into battle!
  • Pokémon unique to you—Use different Power Stones to personalize your Pokémon.
  • Customize your base camp — Decorate your home with cute and fun collectibles.

More information about Pokémon Quest can be found on the games website.

Will you be visiting Tumblecube Island? Let us know in the comments below or drop us a tweet!

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