Pokemon Go Officially Launches In UK

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British Pokemon fans. The time to rejoice is finally here. Pokemon Go has officially launched in the UK and is available on iOS and Android (sorry Windows phone users). Since it’s release Pokemon Go has been wildly popular. Survey Monkey have stated that the game is more popular than Candy Crush, with Pokemon Go reaching just over 20 million daily users.

pokemon go

However the release of Pokemon Go has not been without it’s problems. Players have criticised the game for it’s server issues as well as major battery usage. For all the main issues head to the game’s support page. Fixes are currently being worked on. But these aren’t the only issues that have arisen with the release of Pokemon Go. Many people are worried about the safety of the game’s players. Recent players in America were targeted by armed robbers, but these robbers were arrested by the police. There have also been reports of players crashing their cars because they were playing Pokemon Go while driving.

I have already downloaded the gameĀ and will be sure to enjoy myself playing the game. However, do stay aware guys. Please be aware of your surroundings while playing. Are you looking forward to finally playing Pokemon Go? Or were you lucky to have been already playing the game? Let us know in the comments!

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