Giffgaff Create A Map Service For Pokemon Go

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Giffgaff have announced a partnership with what3words to bring Pokemon Go fans a map showing them the best Pokemon spots. The map, called FindCatchShare, was created due to members of the Giffgaff community talking about Pokemon Go with one another, sharing tips and advice. Giffgaff explain the map service as follows:

“The network has teamed up with what3words, a unique company that has addressed every 3m x 3m square of the planet with a unique, fixed address made of just 3 words.  The technology will allow giffgaff to provide members with key hotspots around the UK, where they can go to catch Pokemon, check out PokeStops, and meet up with other members to do battle.”

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The map shows users charge points to allow them to recharge their phones. The map can even show you places nearby with food and drink, and even seats for players to rest their legs after attempting to catch that elusive Eevee. Giles Rhys Jones, CMO what3words, added:

“There are thousands of stories of people getting lost, running out of battery or even getting sore legs from walking too far in pursuit of Pokemons. We are delighted to partner with GiffGaff to enable their community to easily and quickly find and share these vital locations with just 3 words.”

I personally think this is an awesome idea. It’s sure to help many people. Only one suggestion; make an app. It feels much better suited as an app compared to a web service. But an awesome service nonetheless. What do you guys think of this service? Is it something you will be using? Let us know in the comments below! Check out tFindCatchShare by clicking here.

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