The PlayStation Experience has seen a bunch of new trailers landing, including The Last of Us Part II and Gran Turismo Sport.
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Yesterday saw the Playstation experience take place and man oh man is my wallet crying.


The Last of Us is in my top three games of all time, probably placed in a nice firm second. I loved the game so much. I fell in love with the characters, and the plot had me hooked from the very get go. So when it was announced that Part II was actually a thing (even though we all practically knew it before hand) I had to fight to keep myself from buying a one way ticket for the hype train. I am very excited to see what happens. Ellie looks very different and very menacing. The trailer is available below.


Crash. F***ing. Bandicoot. One of the most nostalgia inducing games I’ve ever replayed, it automatically reverts me back into a young child sitting in my room playing PS1 when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I have been dying for a new Crash game, or even a remaster, since the PS4 dropped and the whole remaster culture began. I’ve not been big on the whole remaster culture, but this is one that I will have to go against my word and buy. Nostalgia always wins. Now we just need a Crash Team Racing remaster. The trailer can be seen below.


I’ve always been a sucker for a Gran Turismo game. I honestly could not tell you why. Maybe it’s our old friend nostalgia again? I would play Gran Turismo 2 as a kid and, even though I feel that Forza is the better game (this may change when I get my hands on Sport), I always find myself saying “Gran Turismo 2 is my favourite racing game of all time”. I will be grabbing this game when it releases, and you can check out the trailer below.

This was by no means the only trailers to drop during the PlayStation Experience 2016 event. For all the videos visit the PlayStation Youtube channel.

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