Phil Spencer has been answering some questions on Twitter about the Scorpio.
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Phil Spencer has been answering some questions on Twitter and of course, with the lack of official release date and price, many of these questions were about the Scorpio.

He said that, at the moment, he’s not sure when they’ll show the console:

In the same thread, Spencer said that PR wins aren’t his focus in reply to a comment about Microsoft saving the Scorpio to win the E3:

Other than that, Spencer hasn’t been giving out much. He dodged the question about the console’s specs and made sure to give the vaguest answers possible about what they’re saving for the E3.

The fans have been going through many topics in an attempt to get some information. One of them asked if there’s was a chance of old Xbox IPs coming back and Spencer said that he liked the idea.

His comments hint that Scorpio’s development is going well and their first party studios are getting ready too. It seems that above all, they will be focusing more on games this year.

In regard to this topic, and after the cancellation of Scalebound, he said that while he agrees first party internal studios are critical, he won’t abandon third party projects either:

The Scorpio may as well be revealed before the E3 so they can save their lineup for the conference. But, for now, they are not ready to reveal anything big. The new year has just begun and there’s still several months of waiting until the E3. A lot can happen during that time.

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