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The PGL KeSPA Regional Minor Championship: Asia To Debut is this Thursday and a full schedule has been revealed outlining a series of four broadcast days dedicated to the best of Asian and Oceanic CS:GO.


All matches, including the playoffs, will be streamed on If you are a die hard CSGO eSports fan then you will get the chance to watch these matches live on stage Thursday, may 5th. Starting at 10:00. live in the Nexon eSports Arena, free of charge. If i could go I know I would. I mean CSGO free? That’d be awesome.

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All times are KST (Korea Standard Time, UTC +9)

May 5th (Thu) – Day 1

10:00 – Preshow
10:30 – Group A – Bo1 – TheMongolz vs
10:30 – Group A – Bo1 – VG.CyberZen vs Immunity
11:30 – Group B – Bo1 – Renegades vs MVP Project
11:30 – Group B – Bo1 – TyLoo vs Risky
12:30 – Group A – Bo3 – Winner’s Match
12:30 – Group A – Bo1 – Loser’s Match
13:30 – Group B – Bo1 – Loser’s Match
15:30 – Group B – Bo3 – Winner’s Match
18:30 – Group A – Bo3 – Decider Match
21:30 – Group B – Bo3 – Decider Match

May 6th (Fri) – Day 2

12:00 – Preshow
12:30 – Playoff – Bo3 – Semifinal #1
15:30 – Playoff – Bo3 – Semifinal #2
18:30 – Playoff – Bo3 – Winner’s Bracket Final

May 7th (Sat) – Day 3

18:00 – Preshow
18:30 – Playoff – Bo3 – Loser’s Bracket – Match #1
21:30 – Playoff – Bo3 – Loser’s Bracket Final

May 8th (Sun) – Day 4

18:00 – Preshow
18:30 – Playoff – Bo3 – Grand Final

Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett and Henry “HenryG” Greer will take their sets behind the casting desk for the entire four days of broadcast. James Duffield will host the event, with Duncan “Thoorin” Shields and Joona “Natu” Leppanen providing analysis.   Live and online vieweres alike should prepare for an intense ride, not only due to the fact that the PGL KeSPA Minor is the biggest CS:GO tournament in the history of South Korea, but also due to what is at stake: a total of $50,000 in prize pool money and two spots in the offline qualifier for the next Major (ESL Cologne 2016).

Teams with battle it out under enormous pressure on stage. Who will win? Who will take home the trophy? We will find out. You can make bets on sites such as  and the biggest cs go betting site Keep in mind Gamebulletin is not responsible for any loss of money on any CSGO betting sites. We are not responsible for any other site being a scam. The two i linked are legit CSGO betting sites any other site could be a scam so be careful If you plan to make any bets. May the luck be in your hands.

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