The PR Manager for Atlus and Sega confirmed the news via a tweet yesterday ..
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The Nintendo Switch is set to be an interesting console. One of the main talking points about the console was that the console would be hosting 3rd party games, and big ones. A list was provided of all the partners for the Switch, and just some of the big names include; Activision, Sega, Square Enix and Take-Two. However it seems that some big games people were hoping to play on the Switch may not be making an appearance.

John Hardin, PR manager for Atlus and Sega, announced via a tweet that both Atlus’s Persona 5 and Sega’s Yakuza 0 will not be coming to the console.¬†As you can see below the games are both PlayStation exclusive, with Persona 5 being the only one of the two being released on PS3.

Not a great deal is known about the Switch, but we will be learning more soon. Nintendo is hosting a livestream on 12th January in which we will learn the console’s specs, price and the launch lineup for the console. Make sure to check back in for that!

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