Overwatch’s New Character Has Been Officially Revealed

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During Friday’s Overwatch panel, more details were shared about Overwatch’s new character Sombra. It also mentions how her abilities will work. Her machine pistol won’t do loads of damage but it does have a large magazine to make up for it. Her hacking ability can affect other players big time. She can prevent them from using their abilities and she can hack health packs which makes them unusable to the enemy team. She can hack Torbjorn’s turrets but she won’t take control or damage them it just causes them to shut down, making them easier to destroy. Sombra also has a passive ability called Opportunist. It allows her to see enemies who have below 50 percent health through walls. When she uses her Thermoptic Camo, she is completely invisible to enemies, meaning there is no shimmer to give her away.

Blizzard also mentioned how Sombra is a character they have been working on for a long time now. A few of her concept ideas went to Genji and Hanzo so her character creation was moving slowly along due to that. At the time Sombra had a double jump, throwing knives, and a dagger that she could toss and it would reveal close by enemies, which is something Hanzo ended up getting. She originally was a hooded character but was deemed to similar to Ana, who was also being worked on at the time. So that resulted in the cyberpunk-style Sombra has now.

During BlizzCon’s opening ceremony, they began to roll a video that recapped the launch of Overwatch. The video began to have technical issues, only for it to turn into an introduction to Sombra’s short film featuring her, Widowmaker, and Reaper infiltrating Volskaya Industries. You can watch the animated short above.

There are also new maps in the makings, one of them is going to be called Oasis. There is also a new mode called Arcade. It will have “new game modes, new rule sets, and exclusive maps”. One the Arena maps is called Echo Point Antarctica and it is designed for the Arcades 1v1 and 3v3 Arena game modes.

Do you like Sombra’s abilities? How excited are you for Sombra’s release? Let us know in the comments below!

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