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Overwatch’s New Character Ashe Live On PTR

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Blizzard has quickly released their new 29th character to the game. That new character is called Ashe and she has already been released to the PTR (Public Test Realm). PC players are able to give the new character a whirl before Ashe goes live for consoles. Ashe was revealed just a few days ago at Blizzcon and has already made it to the PTR.

Ashe has a history with another popular wild west character. She was first shown in the animated short called “Reunion” which hints that she and Mccree have issues between them since Mccree left the bad guys for the good guys. Ashe’s main weapon is a fast firing shotgun. One of her abilities is that she can throw dynamite with a delayed timer, similar to a grenade. Her ultimate lets you summon B.O.B, a robot cowboy bodyguard who does his own thing and acts as a 7th player for your team.

The Overwatch map Route 66 also has had some changes. A piece of the nuclear weapon has gone missing. Overwatch has previously used map or payload changes to hype up new incoming characters so Ashe will probably have something to do with the missing piece.

A look at all of Ashe’s skins have also been released.   

Are you guys ready for Ashe to be officially released? Do you think she’ll be a game changing character? Let me know how you feel about her in the comments below!

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