Overwatch’s Halloween Event 2017 Is Now Live

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It’s getting to that time in October, where video games start to celebrate Halloween. Blizzard are on company that are known for hosting events in their games to mark the occasion, so it’s no surprise their Halloween event for Overwatch is now live.

The event brings back a limited-time even Loot Box, which contains more than 140 cosmetic items. These Loot Boxes include skins, voice lines, emotes, highlight intros, plus more. They will also have a mixture of 50-plus new items, as well as ones returning from last years event.

Halloween Terror is running now and will end on November 2. It will also bring back the co-op event, where players take on waves of AI-controlled enemies, known as Junkenstein’s Revenge. But, this year a new endless option is available with leader-boards to track who can make it through the most waves.

As with last years event, this is free update that comes to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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