Overwatch receives a new mode called Lucioball, it's own take on football.
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It seems that the Overwatch characters are taking some time off from fighting one another to celebrate Rio 2016. The Summer Games as they’re being called will allow players to “Earn special seasonal Loot Boxes, collect over 100 new cosmetic items” and also introduces a new mode: Lucioball. But more on that later.

During these Summer Games the Loot Boxes will be sporting an updated look. And updated contents. Each Loot Box, which can be earned or purchased, is guaranteed to contain at least one item from the Summer Games 2016 collection. These from themed sprays and emoticons, to themed highlight intros and character skins. Anything earned in these themed Loot Boxes will stay with you forever, but the collection is only available until August 22nd.

But now to Lucioball. This is the Overwatch spin on football (or soccer to my over the pond friends). The mode features 2 team of 3 Lucios in the Estadio das Ras in Rio, with the highest scoring team after 4 minutes winning. The arena features jump pads and and speed-boosting walls to help players amplify Lucio’s abilities.

There are some changes to Lucio to allow this mode to work. His primary fire has been replaced with a melee attack for passing and short shots, while his alternate attack emits a noise blast for longer shots. Lucio’s Crossfade speed boost affects only him in this mode, with Amp It Up working like normal. Albeit only on Lucio. Lucio’s ultimate Sound Barrier can be used to pull the ball towards him whether he is on the pitch.

The post on Overwatch’s blog states that this is just the first seasonal event, but many more will be coming. The Overwatch team just aren’t quite ready to say what the others are just yet.

I personally think Lucioball is really cool. I wonder if they will make it a permanent feature if it’s popular enough. Will you be trying it out? Let us know in the comments!

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