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Overwatch Player Clears Level 1000

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Reports are in that the first player to reach level 1000 on Overwatch has come forward, a person in France by the name of Maxime.
The player, whose online name is Tazzerk, posted the achievement on Twitter:

For those of you (like me) that doesn’t speak French, the Tweet roughly translates to, “I am finally the world’s first level 1000 in Overwatch.”

The Tweet is twinned with a picture of a player portrait with a silver edge and 3 stars underneath, which symbolises the achievement. Level 1000 isn’t the highest level but is an impressive achievement in itself.


Image courtesy of playoverwatch.com

In an interview with eurogamer (in which he apologises for his bad English), Tazzerk spoke about the time he has spent to get this achievement:

“I’ve [played] almost 1000 hours on Overwatch., I play like 16-17 hours per day – except sometimes.”


Image courtesy of playoverwatch.com

Tazzerk has not had any messages from Blizzard on this achievement and but is currently top on masteroverwatch.com, a popular stat tracking website for the game which claims to cover all 3 regions of servers. There is a picture circulation of a player on the Asian servers with a gold portrait with one star (level 1400) but Tazzerk is not so sure, believing it may be a shared account and not a singe players achievement. He bases this on the fact he has played 16/17 hours a day and wonders how anyone could have put more time in than he has, which seems a valid point.

Regardless of whether he is the first or not, it’s a pretty impressive feat by all means! How do you stack up to Tazzerk’s level? Are any of you anywhere near this high? Let us know in the comment section below!

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