Overwatch Game of the Year Edition & Anniversary Event Revealed

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Blizzard celebrates Overwatch’s anniversary with a GotY Edition, a new seasonal event and freebies.

We’re excited to celebrate the upcoming one-year anniversary of Overwatch with our latest seasonal event, Overwatch Anniversary, as well as a free weekend and the release of Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition!

The Game of the Year Edition’s digital launch is on May 23 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

This edition includes:

  • 10 Bonus Loot Boxes
  • 5 Overwatch Hero Skins
  • Heroes of the Storm Tracer Hero
  • World of Warcraft Baby Winston Pet
  • Diablo III Mercy’s Wings
  • StarCraft II In-game Portraits and a Hearthstone Card Back

Free weekend from May 26 to 29

  • With Overwatch’s full character roster and maps available in several modes.
  • Players will be able to level up, earn loot boxes and unlock several customization options.
  • The progress made during the free weekend will be saved if players purchase the game after the free weekend is over.

The Anniversary Event begins on Tuesday, May 23 until June 12.

Source :
Blizzard's Press Release

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