The official Overwatch Twitter page has suggested to a fan that cross platform play may eventually come, but ruled out PC to console.
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Overwatch may eventually receive cross platform play, according to a response to a fan from the official Overwatch Twitter page. The fan asks the account “Will there ever be cross platform play?”, to which Overwatch reply that it is something they will monitor.


The account then goes on to explain that they have no plans for mixing PC and console, as mixing mouse/keyboard and controller is hard to balance.


While this rules out PC to console cross platform play, it still means that we may eventually see heroes on Xbox One fighting with heroes on PS4. When we remember that Xbox have already welcomed anyone who is willing to allow cross platform play it seems that we are one step closer to making that dream a reality.

I personally would love cross platform play, but it seems we will have to wait and see. Would you like cross platform play in Overwatch? Any other games you would like to see get cross platform play? Let us know in the comments below.

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