New Overwatch Animated Short Featuring Soldier 76

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With Overwatch releasing tomorrow, Blizzard has put out another animated short detailing more back story for the mysterious vigilante Soldier 76. The video is labeled “fourth and final animated short for this season.” The short shows off Soldier 76 investigating some illegal activity going on in the streets of Dorado. You can watch the new “Hero” trailer here.

The other animated short we received from Blizzard dealt with Widowmaker, the backstory of Hanzo and Genji, and “Recall” which were the events that led up to the beginning of Overwatch. Overwatch servers will go online starting May 23 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in some areas.

Are you guys excited for the release of Overwatch? Who is your favorite character to be in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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