Outriders Reaches 3.5 Million Players In Month One

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It seems that even with the extremely rocky start reported by many gamers, Outriders is still a massive success. As reported by Forbes, many players face issues actually playing the game. Some players found it impossible to get online. Others encountered one of many numerous bugs. Yet according to data from Square Enix Outriders has been massively popular. Ignoring the court of public opinion of course …

An infographic published yesterday reveals the suprising number of players, as well as the time spent on the game. Outriders hit over 3.5 million players in it’s first month, with play times average 31 hours per player. That is except for one player, who has reportedly clocked in 797 hours. Players seem to favour the Trickster class the most, with 27.9% choosing it. The Devestator is the least favourite, but still comes in with 21.9% of people using it.

The infographic can be found below, and it’s numbers are honestly surprising. Given the public opinion, and outrage, following the game’s launch I did not expect this many players. Have you played Outriders, and if so what was your experience? Have you struggled to play the game? Or have you found your time with the game rather pleasant, and bug-free? Let us know in the comments below!

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