Popular indie horror sequel Outlast 2 has been delayed until early 2017.
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In a post on the Outlast Facebook page, it has been announced that Outlast 2 has been delayed. The sequel to the hugely popular indie horror game will now release in Q1 of 2017, more commonly known as the first three months of 2017 to us non-business folk.

Outlast 2
Courtesy of Red Barrels Games

The post states that Red Barrels have listened “to your feedback, we see your excitement and we know you care about our work. Our mission as an indie studio is to deliver to you the best, most terrifying, most fulfilling experiences possible.”. The post ends with something I think will make all Outlast fans happy. “Thank you for understanding. We promise Outlast 2 will scare the crap out of you.”.

I personally did really enjoy Outlast when I played it. But the scares did start to feel rather stale towards the end. I felt there was too heavy of a reliance on jump scares. But I am looking forward to seeing what Outlast 2 can deliver. Are you looking forward to this horror sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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