Joel Bylos, Game Director of Conan Exiles, has told DualShockers that a Nintendo Switch version of the game is unlikely.
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According to an article from DualShockers, there are currently no plans for a Nintendo Switch version of Conan Exiles. The game, being developed by Funcom, is currently out in Early Access for PC and is due to come to Xbox One as part of the Xbox Game Preview.

DualShockers held an interview with Conan Exiles Game Director Joel Bylos, who provided DualShockers with an update on the Xbox version of the game. Bylos explained that the game is doing good on Xbox One; it is running internally on the console and looks good, however the control system does need some work.

Bylos went on to explain that he liked the hotbar selection from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which naturally led to the interviewer asking about a Switch version of the game. Bylos told DualShockers that the developer had not spoke to Nintendo and there were currently no plans for a Switch version of Conan Exiles. The full interview is set to be released soon.

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